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Hello. We solve real problems with beautiful code & teaching. We are Collective Idea.

We are a small, agile software-development team driven to find solutions beyond code. Our code is great, and we’ll never denigrate it, but we understand code is a tactic toward a solution rather than a solution in itself. End result: we make our clients more productive and their processes more efficient.

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Non-Message Flash in Rails

Flash messages were one of those little features that amazed me when I was first introduced to Rails. Developers often use Rails’ flash to display messages to their users, but messages aren’t the only reason to use flash.

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5 Comments – By Steve Richert on January 28, 2015

Cucumber exiting with 0 on failure?

Check your at_exit callbacks.

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0 Comments – By David Genord II on January 27, 2015

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Run your own TV station on the web with Station Creator.

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